• RE: Attached documents in Web Forms

    It can be achieved using DocuWare SDK. I can image the simple workflow which will start after new document store. Then it will call webservice  (to be written) which will connect to Docuware using SDK and check document. In case there are several clipped files it will:
    a. extract all of them
    b. for all clips except the first one creates new documents with the same index entries as the main one (first document with the first clip)
    c. clip 2nd, 3rd files from the first documents to the new documents
    d. assign some unique number to documents 2nd, 3rd etc...
    e. remove all clips except the first one
    f. in case of any issue revert the original document to the initial stage (cancel step e) and remove the newly created documents

    Is it something you are looking for ?
  • RE: Workflow configuration - Copying to another file cabinet

    Did Workflow Export from DocuWare 7.4 satisfy your requirements ?
  • RE: Can you deleted a clipped Document-1524854711

    Another side effect is that once you check out / check in document - you are not able any longer to edit this document from file cabinet using edit button (pencil icon). For example you have a word document clipped and once you did check-out / check-in in order to remove some other clipped files then you will not be able to edit this word clipped document anymore - only option will be to do again check-out and check-in.