• DocuWare 7.0 a 7.1

    Buen día

    En este momento nos encontramos en producción sobre la versión 7.0 deseamos migrar a 7.1, entonces quisiera saber si hay un manual del paso a paso para realizar esta actualización y de una vez saber si esto afectaria los flujos y la data que actualmente se está trabajando.


    Good day

    At this moment we are in production on version 7.0 we want to migrate to 7.1, then I would like to know if there is a step-by-step manual to perform this update and once to know if this would affect the flows and the data that is currently being worked on. Thank you
  • RE: Behavior lists to the same filer field

    From which autoindex option can I consult the fields of a form's drop-down list?

    I can not find the option

  • Behavior lists to the same filer field

    I am creating a form in which by means of its behavior the drop-down list that should be stored in the file cabinet is enabled, it happens that at the time of the "indexing of the merger form" it only allows me to choose one of those values, but as the capture information depends on the behavior in some cases the field of the file cabinet is empty,

    depending on which drop-down list was chosen for behavior, it is stored in a field of the file cabinet

    In what way can I make that, depending on the drop-down list that was chosen, the information always reaches the same field in the file cabinet?

  • LDAD update of users to Docuware

    LDAD user update

    Currently in our organization we have windows server 2012 as an active directory, there users are in groups created by areas which point to groups in docuware.

    there is usually a change of personnel which implies that the name and surname are constantly being edited in the active directory, however the displayName is maintained because the position is always the same.

    It turns out that when a new synchronization of users is made, the log shows me that the user actually exists under another name, example of this is:

    Carlos Enrique could not be created. Network-ID usantotomas \ Coor.Inginformatica exists in DocuWare at user Luis Samaca

    So the question is, is there a possibility that this information will be updated automatically?

    If not, what is the method of good practices that is used in these cases?

  • NTLM authentication with domain

    Good day

    On this occasion we require your support in order to guarantee a newly created NTLM domain authentication,

    At this moment the users enter automatically with the name of the server http: // docuware / DocuWare but by organization we decided to create a domain sgdabog.edu.co which does not allow the same automatic entry because the chrome browser asks for a user and password

    In what place would we have to make the adjustment for this configuration?

    Thank you!