• RE: PDF/A-1534355504

    Can i get confirmation that the DocuWare Printer, Printer PS and DocuWare Scan all create PDF/A documents in versions 7.2 and later? I'd also like to confirm if an import process imports a PDF/A document , DocuWare will store it as a PDF/A.

    If the above all create PDF/A documents in DocuWare, I would assume downloading in original format would download a PDF/A, correct?
  • RE: Automatically Store

    The import tray is set for Intelligent Indexing (II) and as such, will attempt to fill index fields as it tries to find the right information.  II is set up by tray and is used to find and index fields from unstructured documents (heavily used for AP Invoice capturing).

    Craig, is II populating additional fields above what the users are populating?  If so, storing directly to the cabinet from Outlook will bypass the fields indexed by Intelligent Indexing.
  • RE: Fortis Script Manager

    Is there any 'config' file related to Script Manager?  If so, what is its name and where is it stored?
  • RE: SQL 2017-1534279065

    I have the DocuWare v7.1 technical specifications and they do not indicate DocuWare 7.1 supports SQL 2017.  I may have an old version of the specs and am wondering if, in fact, DocuWare v7.1 does support SQL 2017?

  • FortisBlue 6.12 Technical Specifications

    Where can I find the FortisBlue 6.12 technical specifications?



  • Smart Connect Test Tool

    I found the following URL, http://blog.docuware.com/blog/2011/03/docuware-smart-connect-technology-..., but unfortuntely the link to the testing tool is broke.  Is there a valid URL to access the test tool?