• Suche Dokumente mit Ablagedatum leer


    wie kann ich Dokumente suchen bei denen das Ablagedatum leer ist?

    habe zwar einen Workaround:
    Wenn ich 'Alle'  suche kann ich sie zwar nach Ablagedatum sortieren und es sind dann die obersten.

    Kann ich Sie aber auch ausschließlich mit zB EMPTY() finden
    oder gibt es ein Art Pseudodatum für ein leeres Ablagedatum.

    Bei meiner Suchmaske kommen die Kalender Symbole

  • RE: Autoindex Job doesn't stop and cannot be deleted.

    Thank you for the Help.
    Support adds Value!!!
  • Autoindex Job doesn't stop and cannot be deleted.

    Hi,   Version 7.2.

    I created an AutoIndex Job that uses an external Textfile  (Import.csv) and that was supposed to supply already imported documents with more data.

    That usually works very well. I have several that I run occaisonally.

    Now the Configuration Tab Shows that it is running (läuft).

    If I try to STOP it, or try to DELETE it, it turns Grey, and doesn't respond.
    Is it possible to manually remove it?

    Markus Greiner

    PS. I tried changing it, AND I tried deleting the 'Import.csv'  AND Rebooting the Server
    it all doesn't work.

    Additional Information:
    I suspect the cause could be connected to dublicating jobs. In one case I dublicated the job, reconfigured the external Textfile to a new one and the dublicate ran nicely.
    Only the orginal wouldn't stop anymore.