• RE: Read Only Licenses

    Sorry ignore that, ive just re-read it, so I guess I need to associate 1 user to this url but with user credentials in front?<br> Does that mean i need to encode the url?<br> Ideally I need it to not be<br> <br> <br> Cheers<br> <br> <br> Marc<br> &nbsp;
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    Thanks Simon<br> <br> I'm a bit confused now, why have an RO license if users still need a license in DocuWare&lt; or am i missing something simple?<br> <br> In my customer environment we have non DocuWare users that need to access a specific URL without needing any credentials, I was under the impression that Read Only licenses covered that.<br> Is that not possible?<br> <br> Thanks<br> <br> Marc
  • Read Only Licenses

    I have DW7.3 On Prem installed in a customer environment.
    They have purchased the Read Only license pack but I cannot see how to get users to login using this license.
    I have tried usingggggggg: http://server name/DocuWare/PlatformRO/WebClient/ but i keep getting redirected to a login screen.
    Does anyone kno how I associate users toth RO license?


  • RE: Form Signatures not working with behaiviors

    has this been updated yet?. i have the same issue