• RE: Failed to convert file \\2serv\Complet\30 Purchase order pdfs\PX37890.pdf (err: -214715595)

    Given the age of Active Import and the old Toolkit, my first impression is the path. Is it failing on the first document?
    Create a path without any spaces.


    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas
  • RE: text Field to numeric

    You will need to create a new field in the DocuWare file cabinet with a type of either numeric or decimal. Then, you will need to transfer the contents of the text field to the new numeric or decimal field using a query in the database, since you cannot transfer text data to numeric with Autoindex.
    Generally MSSQL will transfer data from a varchar field to an INT (numeric field) as an implicit conversion - meaning that you do not need to specify a conversion. You will however need to pay careful attention to decimal places if you use an INT (numeric field).
    If your text value is '10.00' then you need to strip the decimal and write 1000 to the numeric field (if you have it set to 2 decimal places in DocuWare).
    If you want to write it to a decimal field then I think that will work as a straight copy since that conversion is also an implicit conversion. My preference would be to create the new field as decimal as this will be a simpler conversion.
    When transferring data, you must also be careful not to try and write anything else but numerical data otherwise your query will fail on the first record where the conversion cannot be completed.
    Whatever you do you need to check the converted data carefully to ensure that you have written the values correctly depending on the target field type.

    If all that seems a little difficult, Professional Services will be pleased to provide a quote to do the conversion for you.

    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas

  • RE: Problem generating a list of index values with the API

    The DocuWare API does not provide direct database access. In an On-Premise system you would have to write your own connection and query using standard programming tools.

    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas
  • RE: How to backup Docuware 6.x correctly

    We do not actually document any specific backup procedure for DocuWare. This is because there are many backup solutions for Windows on the market.
    There is 3 elements to backing up DocuWare:

    1. The actual windows installation files.
    2. The file system where the documents reside.
    3. The database.

    Any IT person worth their salt should be able to develop a backup strategy using commercial backup software that encompasses the 3 elements above.
    Importantly, MySQL does not contain any backup ability at all, but there are tools available to implement regular backups of the database - MySQL Workbench for example.
    Backing up the document repository is always critical and must be included in a strategy.
    Of course everyone performs backups of their Server installation regularly so that takes care of the DocuWare program files side of things.

    You may wish to refer to my blog article on protecting your business data:

    As far as migrating from MySQL to MSSQL, this is a task that must be performed by Professional Services. The process can be fraught with difficulties and it is best that we do it to ensure a satisfactory and timely result.

    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas

  • RE: Search documents based only on Docuware's document ID

    In a 'one off' scenario all of the above are reasonable approaches. However you now have a maintenance issue where any new documents will not have the number. So you have to decide how often you update the database or DocuWare regardless of the method used.
    AutoIndex is the right method for this function as you can pretty well set it and forget it.

    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas
  • RE: DocuWare uses GMT time in a List Dialog

    It is always handy to know what version of DocuWare and whether it is an On-Premise or Cloud installation. That said, in recent versions of DocuWare it is important to set the Time Zone of the system in DocuWare Administration.
    Open the desktop app DocuWare Administration. Navigate to to your Organization > General.
    Under Calendar set the Time Zone to your local Time Zone.
    If this does not solve the problem then please open a support request so that support can investigate further.

    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas
  • RE: Permission to Use SQL Statements

    You need to allow SQL statements for the organization. In DocuWare Administration go to System > General. You will see the option to allow SQL statements. Add your organization then Apply. You should not be able to create your queries.

    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas
  • RE: Full text in v7.2

    Just wait. The documents have to be OCR'd so depending on the number of documents it will take some time. So there's nothing else to do but drink coffee.
    You've got it right.

  • RE: .net upload api

    Yes it is possible to get a list of File Cabinet attributes.
    Please refer to the documentation.


    Look at the FileCabinetField Class.

    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas.
  • RE: Control characters within an expression not - doesn't seem to work

    It does not work. I tried the code, the vb Constant and the ascii chars. Both directly in the text of the description and via a string variable.

    Phil Robson
    Senior Director Client Services, Americas