• RE: DW Cloud - File cabinet creation error


    The only way to resolve this error was to create a support ticket and have the support team assist. Even if I had seen this previously, I couldn't have done it without their assistance.

  • RE: System backup xml file restore

    Anything new?
  • RE: System backup xml file restore

    I've been attempting to perform a test restore to determine if it will perform as expected in a DR environment, but, I continually receive errors as seen in the attached image.
    Initially I assumed it was due to different credentials for the db, so, since this is a test environment, I uninstalled and reinstalled using the same windows admin acct as well as the db acct, but, still receive the same errors.
    I'd like to explore the built in functionality of the the back up and restore process for future reference.
  • Maximum DW Scan file size

    Client is reporting that when scanning a 500+ page document, it isn't being created and transferred to the document tray; instead it returns an error that the resulting file was too large.
    She also mentioned that she has a report that typically runs 1000-1500 pages that will need to be scanned each month, so we need to provide a solution for her.
    Where can the maximum file size created from scanning be modified? 
  • RE: Dummy Scan device v7.2

    I ran the LogCollector and examined the logs.

    I finally found, in the DocuWare.Desktop.CaptureService.Host log, the following error:

    "Could not convert C:\Scanner\TestScan\.... - Copy.bmp to BMP file. Reason: Out of memory.....

    To resolve it, I cleared the existing files, opened a new jpg and saved it as a brand new bmp.

    It eliminated the error and I was able to successfully 'scan' new images.
  • Dummy Scan device v7.2

    Is there an updated version of this article that relates to v7.2?
    Each attempt throws an error stating:
    DocuWare Scanner
    An unspecified error occurred. Please refer to the logging for further details.

    Using the log viewer doesn't really help in determining what has occurred.

  • Admin tool - Session not registered

    I have a client that needs support for a configuration issue and this client is using Cloud v7.1. My local DTA have upgraded to 7.2 for a new client so the admin tool isn't backward compatible. I started a VM containing 7.1 and connected the DTA to gain access to the admin tool. After restarting DTA and starting the admin tool, each connection attempt, whether it is using Desktop Apps Authentication or DW authentication, I receive the same error as evident in the screenshot provided. I can access the web client as well as configurations, but, not the admin tool.
    Session not registered!
    Has anyone seen this and been able to resolve it?
  • RE: Increasing Bar Code Recognition in v7 and above

    Yeah, I tried that as well, but no joy.

    It appears that their single character barcode is malformed as it isn't recognized by even the one-click index engine.

    Research has shown that others have had issues with single digit barcodes, but, that it is possible.

    Oh well, the workaround seems to be working flawlessly.

    Thanks Joe

  • RE: Increasing Bar Code Recognition in v7 and above

    Thanks Joe. Long time no see.

    I tried this solution, but, didn't really see any change.

    After further digging, it was determined that the problematic barcode was to have reflected a single digit and it wasn't being written as a valid barcode. Due to length, I'm sure.

    In the end, we mitigated the issue by using a separate store dialog and prepopulating that field with the single digit the system was looking for, and when a new document was imported containing a valid barcode that could be translated by DW, it will overwrite that field so it would store correctly.

    I appreciate the pointers on the VintaSoft settings file. I've tucked it away for future use.

    Thanks again.
  • Increasing Bar Code Recognition in v7 and above

    Client bar code recognition is seeing a failure rate around 20%. After manipulating the import configuration multiple times, I can't seem to make much difference in the recognition rate.
    I see there is an option available through v6.11 that could have significant impact on it. 
    Here: https://support.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KBA-35726

    Is this supported in v7.1? Or is there another option?