• v7.4 result lists not refreshing

    I have a client running v7.4 with extensive use of result lists.

    Their lists are not dynamically updating when a document is modified and should be reflected in the list. The only way it displays is for the browser to be refreshed.

    There is an option for the result list, under more options, to 'Refresh Automatically'. I've changed it, saved and re-enabled it but, it did not make a change in behavior.

    I've since stopped the DW services and cleared the msg bus. After asking the client to perform some testing, she is seeing the same issue.
    Server is going to be restarted after hours.

    I see that v7.5 has an option to modify the refresh interval. Is there an ini file buried somewhere that might accomplish the same thing?
  • Signature pad v7.4

    I found this article { KBA-35873 }for v6.11 but, a client is wondering if there is something recommended for new versions as they don't like the option of signing forms with a mouse?
  • RE: v7.3 Stamp 'Fill With' Options

    Thank you Tobias for the quick response.

    I am creating the stamps manually in a new system and replicating the upgraded system seen in the screenshot attached. 
    As you can see from the screenshots, within the designer tab all options are identical.

  • RE: v7.3 Stamp 'Fill With' Options

    PDF was updated here.
  • v7.3 Stamp 'Fill With' Options

    A recent DW upgrade from v6.10 > v6.12 > v7.1 > v7.3 uncovered something that, either was an oversight or a design change that I wasn't aware of.

    Under stamp configurations, the upgraded machine, during stamp creation offers the db field 'Fill with' options of "Fixed, User & Predefined".

    Conversely, a clean newly installed v7.3 system offers the db field 'Fill with' options of "Fixed & Predefined".

    Was this a design choice or an unintentional upgrade bug?

    The difference can be seen in the attached screenshots of the upgraded system options and then the clean install options.
  • RE: Logon failure

    Clearing the message bus didn't help either.
  • RE: Logon failure

    Server restart didn't accomplish anything.
    The issue isn't affecting search and retrieval, only storage.
  • Logon failure

    In v7.0, the client is complaining of her inability to store anything to either of her 2 file cabinets when logged into her Windows acct. She is getting an error stating: Logon Failure. Unknown user or bad password. 
    I gained remote access and logged into the dwadmin acct, which is a DocuWare local account and am receiving the same error. So it seems that all access accounts, whether AD accts or local accts are unable to store anything, even when logged into DW using the same acct.
    I have restarted all of the DW system servers to no avail. I'm requesting the client to perform a physical server restart.
    Is there something else I need to be investigating?
  • RE: DW Cloud - File cabinet creation error


    The only way to resolve this error was to create a support ticket and have the support team assist. Even if I had seen this previously, I couldn't have done it without their assistance.

  • RE: System backup xml file restore

    Anything new?