• Work around

    Thanks, that could work as a workaround until the next version is released.

  • Deleting documents - only deleting half each time

    Since we upgraded to Version 6 (Build:, when I select more than one document to be deleted, only half of the selections are deleted each time - this is done via a right-click, selecting Delete. It happens in both the Inbox, Search or Folders. This is frustrating when importing as I am working on migrated our shared drive into DocuWare, and sometimes have to delete hundreds of documents to restart the process. For example, there are 500 documents to delete in the Inbox. Working I select all on the first page - 100 documents and delete. It deletes 50 (450 documents left). Then I select all again on the first page and delete - 400 documents left). I continue this until there are really 50 documents left, which I then delete all. 25 documents are left. I delete the 25 documents, 13 documents are left and so on until there is 1 document left. I used to be able to just select all on the page and delete 100 at a time, and could have 500 documents deleted in 5 times. Now, for 500 documents, it takes at least 15 times to delete them all. Any ideas why this is happening? Anyone else have this problem?

  • Thanks! I will get our IT

    Thanks! I will get our IT Department to investigate.

  • Access Database - Data Entry Interruption by Upload

    We have a number of Access databases in DocuWare. A user has reported that the upload bar keeps scrolling every few seconds and is interrupting their data entry. They start entering data into a field and the green upload bar flashes across the screen and they have to re-click in the field to continue - basically starting over. Has anyone else experienced this? Could this be a symptom of Access's auto-save feature? Any ideas or suggestions on how we can stop this from happening? I believe that every time the upload bar flashes it is updating the version in DocuWare. One database is now at v. 200 and has only been active since the end of December, and is updated only a few times per week.