• DocuWare Phone App Workflows

    Trying to determine if there is anyway to adjust the workflow options in the DocuWare Phone App.  A couple things I'm ideally trying to do.  

    1st, it seems that in the Phone app reverts to the document filename when looking at the task list.  In my case I'm trying to create a delivery workflow that groups together a bunch of deliveries and then assigns a task to finalize.   The task itself doesn't actually have a document and makes viewing in the Phone App very strange and missing any of the important index values for identification.   Any way to view this like the Web app and show a listing with index criteria instead?  

    2nd, When selecting the decision on the task, it will not show "Description" fields.   I have used descriptions for referencing index values that are important for the decision and unfortunately not visible in the phone app.  

    Any help/suggestions appreciated!  
  • Smart Connect - Connect application failed. Try again and select a different recognition techn

    Attempting to setup Smart Connect and unable to take a new screenshot.   It worked twice and now doesn't appear to be working.   Keeps getting error "Connect application failed.  Try again and select a different recognition technology. " when selecting "Take new screenshot" in smart connect.   This is a new install of Desktop Apps on machine.  Reboot of machine does not appear to make a difference.   Any ideas?  
  • Is(where clause) login of user

    Trying to figure out how to get permissions to look into a keyword field and if the login of the user exists in such field it will not give them permission.  Is there a way to use "Is(where clause) NOT login of user"?  Doesn't seem to work when I put it like that so not sure if I am just missing something simple.  If anyone has an idea it would be much appreciated.  
  • Workflow triggered to start based on index field date range (expiration date)

    I've been trying to setup a workflow to run on a daily bases that is triggered based on a index fields (expiration date) date range.  So in other words I want it to trigger the workflow when an expiration date comes within 30 days.  The only other things I have included with the trigger are verifications to ensure the document hasn't been triggered already and to pull the current Document Type.   The workflow doesn't appear to be ever triggering off of any documents.  I'm not even sure if the workflow is actually running?  Any way to verify that a workflow actually did even attempt to run when it was supposed to?  I don't see anything in the workflow history on any documents it should be triggering.  Any ideas of what could be going wrong?  
  • RE: DocuWare Cloud - Integrated AP Invoice Posting to Sage Timberline

    Thanks Chris and Michael,

    for the csv option do you use anything to auto create the csv or just have them manually create it when necessary? 

    Also I am currently working with Patrick on projects and probably going to use him on this as well.  Was still curious on what others have found though so I appreciate the info!  
  • RE: DocuWare Cloud - Integrated AP Invoice Posting to Sage Timberline

    Hey Chris,

    Let me know if you figured anything out regarding this.  We have a few customers that could use Sage integration.  
  • RE: IIS disables Windows Authentication

    • We have since enabled IIS logging and will see what it reports next time it happens.  
    • Customers IT does not believe or feel their is any group policy controlling this. 
    • Doesn't seem to happen on a IIS reset.  
    • Only thing on this server is DocuWare and only IIS website.    

    Thanks for the response.  At this point we are just waiting to see when/if it happens again what the logs show.. 
  • IIS disables Windows Authentication

    Have a on premise system that has twice now in the past month disabled Windows Authentication within IIS.  This stops users from being able to login via LDAP authentication until enabled again.  Any suggestions on how to prevent this or what could be causing this?  
  • Merge Form Configurations Not Updating

    Have a client with a form populating multiple merge forms.  This is with DocuWare Cloud.  It appears changes stopped updating on the merge forms.  Was making multiple changes to the forms and somewhere in the middle it appears to be locked up?   Only half my changes took effect and now anything I add does not show on the output documents.  It shows correctly in the configuration only the output stays unchanged.   Even replacing the merge form file with a new document does not appear to show anything different once output.   Everything stays unchanged but again if I go into the configuration it shows the new document loaded.  
  • Autoindex Duplication Issue

    Appears a bug with duplicating autoindex jobs.  Attempting to create a autoindex job and then duplicate to make some minor changes, changing file cabinet event triggers, and appears to be populating to all duplicated events?  Unable to edit these triggers independently of each other after duplication.  Anyone else having this issue on version 7 (Build: ??