Veröffentlicht Wed, 26 May 2021 20:38:41 GMT von Gregory KAH
Hi everyone, 

We are building a Workflow who could take a document from a tray, preserving the intelligent indexing data, and store the document within the workflow process. 

The document is clean and simple, Intelligent Indexing is 100% efficient every time.

Main focus is to build a full-auto workflow without the need of human intervention (store dialog)
And the Source of the document is email attachment, so cannot use anchor from "Document Processing"

Thank you ! 
Veröffentlicht Wed, 02 Jun 2021 20:38:41 GMT von Matthias Wieland DocuWare Europe GmbH Sr. Director Support EMEA
Dear Gregory KAH! It looks like the Community cannot answer your question. That's why we have opened a Support Request with the Number SR-151520-B9Z9Q for you. A Software Support Specialist will contact you directly to follow up. We will update this thread with the solution as soon as we have resolved the Support Request. With best regards, DocuWare Support Team
Veröffentlicht Wed, 30 Jun 2021 19:34:05 GMT von David Rutt

Did you ever get this resolved?
Veröffentlicht Wed, 30 Jun 2021 20:31:47 GMT von Gregory KAH

Hi David, 

Yes, It's not possible to start a workflow from a tray.

I did manage to index an imported document using "Document Processing"


Veröffentlicht Thu, 01 Jul 2021 13:38:23 GMT von David Rutt
Thanks, I just wanted to see if anything has changed.

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