Veröffentlicht Thu, 03 Dec 2020 14:27:12 GMT von Stacey Manske
I downloaded the sample web service and put it on our test intranet server, then added it in IIS per the instructions.  I'm able to browse to it and see the available methods.  When I add it to the Web Services in configuration and test the connection, I get a "404 not found" error.  

My guess is that it is a permission issue.  Putting credentials in for authentication doesn't help. I don't really have any experience with web services so I'm not sure what else to do.  Should it be able to connect to a service on an Intranet server?

The goal with the web service is to pass the results of an approval workflow back to an internal system.
Veröffentlicht Tue, 08 Dec 2020 11:31:49 GMT von Léo BIANCO
Hello Stacey,
be sure that your webservice on your iis is available on a public domain to be 100% sure docuware can call your webservice. If you do not have your own docuware (on your own servers) it cannot access your webservice by the local ip address. I mean, this was one of my issue ! Hope it helped

Oh, and if I remember well, the sample project is in .asmx, this can only support SOAP. If you wanna be able to do both SOAP and REST, look for WCF webservices.

Best regards.

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