• RE: Setting to prevent unwanted workflow instances

    Hi Simon,

    this is exactly what I did...
    But it is still workaround which breaks some other functions... for example it works just when you started only one workflow in same time.
    When you have more different workflow (independent on each other) you need separate index fields for each workflow (because with one index field "workflow active" you have to wait to end of previous workflow). Then you will have a lot of indexes just for workaround. It brings more work and can cause unwanted issues (in case of error during setting up).
    It is not solution for basic function.
  • Setting to prevent unwanted workflow instances

    DocuWare monitors if some workflow is triggered more times for same document (ID).
    When workflow started more instances for same document ID, system unpublishes workflow and send email "The limit for active instances has been reached for workflow..."
    If system monitors this behavior, is there settings which (e.g. checkbox with value) I can use to limit just one instance for workflow per document ID? Without unpublishing workflow.
    I mean if workflow X started for DocID 01 and has not been ended, system will not started same workflow X again even if DocID 01 meet trigger condition again.

    Thank you
  • RE: Split Multiple Attachments in a Form

    Hi Tobias,

    thank you, it worked. I used workflow web services "Docuware Platform API".

    At first I created GV as DocID and then GET operation for DocID information as Response. Via Data Assign I created "$.Sections[0].Id" as another GV.

    Then I created DELETE operation based on GV of SectionId which removed attachment from document.

  • RE: Split Multiple Attachments in a Form

    Hi Tobias,
    can you please specify how can be deleted file (PDF attachment) from document via workflow/Docuware Platform API ?
    There are 2 "Delete" operations - documentDelete and sectionDelete.
    documentDelete I suppose will delete whole document. So probably sectionDelete can be used for specific (first?) file deleting?
    Can you show some examples?

    Thank you