• RE: Select List Restriction

    Also, the database field was not set to be REQUIRED.
  • RE: Select List Restriction

    I am sorry, version is 6.12.

    So IF a bogus value is set during the STORE process, then the rule would apply when EDITING the record?
  • Select List Restriction

    Have a field [Record Type] within a Result Dialog that is locked down to a specific "select list" and enabled option "the use can only use entries from the select list to set the field".

    When the document is stored, the field [Record Type] is allowed to be blank.

    After the document is scanned, during a validation process, the expected behavior I was looking for was that when the end user opens the document from the Result Dialog and edits the data, when trying to save, the user would be prompted to enter a valid entry for [Record Type].

    That is not was is happening, the index data can be saved without updating the [Record Type] field.

    Why is the record allowed to be updated without a valid [Record Type] entry?
  • I did mention to the customer

    I did mention to the customer that the "service account" running the DW Services will need to be updated and the SSO [ADSync] will need to be reconfigured for the new AD server. With that in mind, if the users retain the same "Name" within the new AD server, will the existing DW users be updated with the new "Network ID" or would it make sense for him to delete the "old" user accounts that reference the old domain within "Network ID" prior to the re-sync?

    Thank you for your support.

  • Moving Domains

    Customer has just been acquired and will be moving existing servers to new Organizational domain. Is there a KB Article or checklist of the the items that will need to be changed when the DocuWare and SQL servers are dropped and rejoined to the new domain? Customer is v7.0.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Required Field warning missing from "DocuWare Viewer with index dailog"

    So if I have a database field set as "Required" a message appears [Please fill all mandatory fields] when saving from a dialog if you do not have a value set for the "Required" field.

    If within the user > settings > viewer > viewer = "Open DocuWare Viewer with index dialog in new window" is set, when you update a record from a result dialog and omit (leave the field empty), select save, there is no message [Please fill all mandatory fields]. The viewer window simply closes and disregards any metadata changes.

    Is this by design or just an oversite? 

  • Sir, I already provided them

    Sir, I already provided them the "Programmers" guide. They are just asking to see if there are any examples of coding for uploading files.

    Thank you for your time and support.

  • FortisWebServices example

    Have a current customer that is wanting to use "FortisWebServices" to upload documents into Fortis. They are asking for sample code that would show this process. As I do not code or have not done this before, I have no sample code to provide.

    Does such examles exist or does anyone have samples they are willing to share?

    Thank you and have a good day.