When I say an API server, I mean a server in charge of executing developments tailored to the client's needs, using the docuware sdk.

    A pleasure to greet you all.

    I need your support with a more detailed explanation than the one provided by KBA-34951.

    I have a client with customized infrastructure 
    1 Microsoft ARR
    3 DocuWare Backend
    1 DocuWare Fulltext
    1 Oracle Database (DocuWare)

    1 Server API
    1 Server Database MySQL for API's information
    1 file storage server.

    I need to know which ports are necessary for the correct operation of the system since we have detected disconnection logs.

    The client asks me for a technical report of the application since it is a financial institution.

    Thank you in advance for your support.
  • RE: IIS home page redirection

    Hello, I have tried the recommended configuration, however, it did not work.

    If I enter 
    https://docuwaresmart.com/ it redirects me to https://docuwaresmart.com/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/

    and if I enter https://docuwaresmart.com/12345 it takes me to https://docuwaresmart.com/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/DocuWare/

    as recommended in the beginning I am adding the code to a web.config in the path C:\inetpubwwwroot
  • RE: IIS home page redirection

    Muchas gracias Gerardo.

    Ha funcionado, sin embargo, al entrar https://Example/12345 me redirige a https://Example/DocuWare/12345 que me muestra un error 404 ya que no es una página existente.

    Busco cuando entro https://Example/12345 o cualquier otra variante que me lleve a https://Example/DocuWare/.

    Gracias de antemano
  • IIS home page redirection

    Has anyone made a redirection from IIS to docuware, example: when entering https://example/ it automatically takes me to https://example/DocuWare.