This article should only be executed if you have made a backup of the database!!!
What can I do when my history no Longer loads or the error "service not reachable" appears?
This behavior indicates that your audit data in the database has reached a size that the server can no longer handle. 
To display the history again, you have three options:

1. Delete certain event entries from the audit table of the respective file cabinet. You can find the table in the database under the following name: SampleFileCabinet_AUD

The following event types exist:

4 Edit content
5 Edit index entry
6 Anmerkung, Stempel anbringen
8 Print (With or without annotations)
9 Send (E-mail)
10 Direct copy to file cabinet
11 Copy to basket
12 Check Out
13 Check Out WEC
14 Undo Check-Out/Check-In
15 Clip
17View / Open

Example SQL Statement:

DELETE FROM SampleFileCabinet_AUD WHERE eventType = 'your_event_type_value';

Replace "your_event_type_value" with the event Type Number you want to delete from the table.

2. Delete a certain period from the audit table of the respective file cabinet.

For example, if you still have history data from 3 years ago in the audit table and no longer need it, you can remove it with the following statement:

DELETE FROM dbo.SampleFileCabinet_AUD WHERE eventLoggedDate BETWEEN 'start_date' AND 'end_date';

Replace "start_date" and "end_date" with the desired start and end dates in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

3. Lastly, you may truncate the table to reduce the size of the SampleFileCabinet_AUD table. This in turn will clear space within the database.

KBA is applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.