Posted Thu, 03 Feb 2022 16:17:12 GMT by Mike Remore ATS1
Customer is getting this message when trying to access a configuration. This was working in the past. I created a second (blank) file cabinet, and that shows up in the "Target>File Cabinet" dropdown. I exported the file cabinet xml and created a second copy of the original file cabinet, but that doesn't show, either. I am guessing that there is something in the configuration of that cabinet that is causing this, but I am not sure where to look (permissions seem fine). Has anyone come across this?

Posted Mon, 07 Feb 2022 13:55:17 GMT by Mike Remore ATS1
We were able to resolve the issue. While the file cabinet permissions were correct, no one had permissions for the dialogs. Once we assigned roles to the dialogs, we were up.
Thanks, Mike

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