Posted Tue, 20 Dec 2022 10:50:55 GMT by Florian Delarue Digital Transformation Enabler
Dear Community,

I'm on Docuware Cloud,

I integrated Docuware with a Software (Gesall, Accounting process).

I send XML files to this software via a Webservice. All my indexes is in this document and Gesall read my XML files.

In this XML files, I send the Document Link in it. When we tried to view this doc i got this error message on Google Chrome : "400 - Bad Request Oops !" We Client Login Integration is not allowed". I don't send Longin credentials in my URL.

Does somebody resolved this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards, Florian
Posted Wed, 28 Dec 2022 00:00:17 GMT by Matthias Wieland Senior Director Support EMEA
Dear Florian Delarue! It looks like the Community cannot answer your question. That's why we have opened a Support Request with the Number SR-193167-L3B1T for you. A Software Support Specialist will contact you directly to follow up. We will update this thread with the solution as soon as we have resolved the Support Request. With best regards, DocuWare Support Team
Posted Tue, 17 Jan 2023 07:00:00 GMT by Timo Becker
Dear Florian,

when the link is inserted into the XML file the & in the URL are replaced with &
When the link is opened in the browser some URL parameters are cut off which causes the error.
The XML generation needs to be adapted.

Best regards

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