Posted Mon, 21 Oct 2019 20:02:49 GMT by Sebastian Gandia IT Manager
Hello, I have an issue where the External User Directories connection fails with the error "There is no access on the configured external directory!". This error occurs after the DC info is configured under Docuware System -> External User Directory -> Create New External User Directory, then settings are applied and Test Configuration is pressed. I have tried writing the Domain in all possible ways, configuring different DCs by DNS or IP, trying with different usernames and nothing seems to work. I am using General -> Type: Windows. 

Any idea why this message appears? I've done AD connections with other programs without issues. 
Posted Mon, 21 Oct 2019 21:24:37 GMT by Sebastian Gandia IT Manager
Problem is fixed. Port 9002 must be open and I used type LDAP configuration. 

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