Posted Wed, 28 Feb 2018 13:38:31 GMT by Nathan Wilkins

Good Afternoon,

I was wondering if the Working Days from the Calender within the General settings of the Organization is viewable within the Database?

A customer is looking to implement Holiday/Annual Leave forms within DocuWare going through an approval process in a workflow but wants the Holiday to be rejcted if it falls on a non-working day, that be a Saturday/Sunday or an annual bank holiday.

Conditions would have to be setup, but to start this we would need the information from the Database. Is it accessible and if so what other fields are within the Table?

Posted Wed, 28 Feb 2018 14:00:58 GMT by Phil Robson DocuWare Corporation Senior Director Professional Services, Americas

DocuWare does not contain a calendar as such. The list of working/non working days is simply that a list of day names. There is no calendar attached. It will be simpler to maintain a database list of dates for the National Holidays, and simply execute a VB script to get the number of the day of the week to ascertain if it is a Saturday or Sunday.

WeekDay(date) = 1 or WeekDay(date) = 7 then "this is a weekend". As long as the system is set for Sunday as the first day of the week.


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas


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