How is it possible to identify issues and find appropriate solutions while working with Intelligent Indexing?


1) No learning effect when several documents arrive in basket at once
If several documents arrive in the Document Tray at once and a feedback is given for one of them, the Intelligent Indexing must be manually repeated for a document of the same type i.e. through the according entry of the context menu of a document in the Web Basket.

2) No learning effect for documents of the same type from different sources
If feedback is given for a document that was for example scanned with DocuWare Desktop, this feedback is not necessarily considered if a document of the same type in electronic form was i.e. dragged into the Document Tray.

3) If something goes wrong with the request to the Intelligent Indexing online service and no response arrived for a document, you will not be able to choose the re-index function from the context menu.