Here you can find a list of all available hotfixes for DocuWare Version 6.1. Not published hotfixes have been made for very rare or specific customer environments which will be provided on request only. 

Important Note:
Hotfixes are created on demand for special localized use cases or specific problems. Therefore, hotfixes have passed only limited testing by our QA team.  We recommend the installation of hotfixes only if the fix will solve your problem but not as an automatic precaution. If you are not sure please contact your  responsible DocuWare Partner or the DocuWare Support before applying any hotfix.


0.5  DW6.1 - Important Workflow Manager changes during update

  1. Clipping of documents from Web Basket to documents in File Cabinet can result in damaged document - DW6.1 Hotfix 1
  2. HTML5 Viewer needs a license for every call if browser was closed - DW6.1 Hotfix 2
  3. Mobile Clients: Task lists with dynamic date filter may show too much documents - DW6.1 Hotfix 3
  4. Creating fulltext for a lot of documents causing high CPU load (database) - DW6.1 Hotfix 4
  5. HTML5 Viewer: Annotations change position when Document is printed or re-opened - DW6.1 Hotfix 5
  6. Workflow Stamp write wrong date format + Assigning numeric form fields - DW6.1 Hotfix 6
  7. Hotfix 7 - not public
  8. Update of fulltext catalogs is terminating Content Server Service when Oracle Database is used - DW6.1 Hotfix 08
  9. New mobile client is not included in the DocuWare 6.1 setup - DW6.1 Hotfix 09
  10. Hotfix 10 - not public - DocuWare Online
  11. After using the operator "has changed" it is no longer possible to edit the trigger conditions - DW6.1 Hotfix 11
  12. Workflow stamp deletes the values from Text 20 field with index 0 - DW6.1 Hotfix 12
  13. Hotfix 13 - not public - DocuWare Online
  14. Hotfix 14 - not public
  15. In case an user has administrative rights on a big amount of baskets a login into the Mobile client expires. - DW6.1 Hotfix 15
  16. Intelligent Indexing: Charging credits for drag&drop does not work correctly - DW6.1 Hotfix 16
  17. HTML5 Viewer: English date format for stamps in HTML5 viewer is always US format - DW6.1 Hotfix 17
  18. Select list missing for Intelligent Indexing document types - DW6.1 Hotfix 18
  19. HTML5 Viewer: Point & Shoot transposes the day and month - DW6.1 Hotfix 19
  20. Temporary files of seperated documents get not deleted automatically - DW6.1 Hotfix 20
  21. Workflow Manager: Error when applying stamp on the second page or a following one - DW6.1 Hotfix 21
  22. Desktop: Barcode & Forms license sometimes not found - DW6.1 Hotfix 22
  23. Migration workflow cannot migrate documents stored with Copyright protection - DW6.1 Hotfix 23
  24. Hotfix 24 not public
  25. HTML5 Viewer: Annotations not stored when added to multiple pages before saving document in Firefox - DW6.1 Hotfix 25
  26. DocuWare Import: Import stops importing, pulls from watched folder but adds to queue on bottom of desktop screen - DW6.1 Hotfix 26
  27. Connect to Sharepoint: The alias name in the routing type does not have any effect - DW6.1 Hotfix 27
  28. Content Server: Textshot creation fails for some documents - DW6.1 Hotfix 28
  29. Web Client: When copying a dwtiff file to a web basket an error message occures: "Image File not found" - DW6.1 Hotfix 29
  30. HTML5 Viewer: Euro symbol in anntotations in the HTML5 Viewer - DW6.1 Hotfix 30
  31. Database transactions are not closed in certain situations - DW6.1 Hotfix 31
  32. Desktop: Job Processor tries to upload a result of an already removed job - DW6.1 Hotfix 32
  33. Not published