DocuWare Desktop:
This hotfix package contains multiple improvements:

  • The option "Automatically rotate scanned PDFs..." makes documents unreadable
  • Barcode not recognized if rotated
  • PDF too big after merging with overlay
  • If “&” in organization name the error "potentially dangerous Request.Path value detected from client (&)" might be displayed when opening Web Client from Desktop Apps
  • Solves an issue regarding user identification in multiuser/TerminalServices environments.
    The installation of this hotfix (or a later desktop hotfix for DocuWare 6.5)
    is highly recommended in such environments. After the installation it is necessary
    to delete all "S-1-*.xml" files from
    Additionally in the file "systemconfig.xml" the section <Users> … </Users>
    has to be replaced by <Users />.

Download Hotfix: