General questions

Question: Where can I find all web service related information?

Question: How to register a web Service in DocuWare?
Answer: Check KBA-36514.

Question: What is required to connect a web service with DocuWare Cloud?
Answer: The web service needs to have an IP which is available in public. Furthermore, it needs a public FQDN and HTTPS (TLS 1.2).
And the DocuWare Cloud must be unlocked in the web service firewall.
For more information, check KBA-36612.

Question: How can I unlock DocuWare Cloud from web service firewall?
Answer: Check KBA-36612.

Question: How to enable a working HTTPS connection?
Answer: Check KBA-36222.

Question: How can I test accessing the API without making the web service public?
Answer: Please use our presentation VMs, it’s available for partners and it’s shipping an OnPremise DocuWare System (Demo).

Question: How can I send a file into the web service?
Answer: Change the web service so it has a parameter for document-ID. Once it received the DocID, it needs to access the DocuWare API and download the document. It’s not possible to upload a file into the web service directly via workflow. 
If you just need the document as a file, you can consider sending it using an email activity.

Question: Which types of web services does Workflow support?
Answer: It supports web services of type REST and SOAP. For both, you must meet some requirements, so the web service is compatible.
For more information, check KBA-36669.

REST related questions

Question: How to create a REST web service?
Answer: First of all you need at least DocuWare 7.5. There are different frameworks and templates for that. There is no example by DocuWare, but make sure that DocuWare supports all mandatory features of the service (see below). 

Question: Which features does the REST web service activity support offer?
Answer: It can send a HTTP-Request with JSON or XML, you can change the HTTP methods GET, PUT, POST and DELETE.

You can also set the URL-route, query-parameters, HTTP-headers, populate the HTTP-request body with variables and index fields, assign the HTTP-response body to variables and index fields.
It has an option to freely choose the HTTP codes (beside 200/OK) that qualifies as OK-response and assign them to variables as well.

It cannot save cookies and other response headers, so it is not supported to call the DocuWare API directly via the activity.
If you want to use REST to access the DocuWare API, you need to create your own web service and call the API in its code or use the iPaaS Connectors.

For more information, check KBA-36968.

SOAP related questions

Question: Which type or example should I use for SOAP?
Answer:  We strongly recommend using the same project type as our examples, as not all SOAP services are compatible.
If you want to create such service in Visual Studio, create a new project of type "ASP.NET Web Application", add > new element (choose web service (ASMX)). In ...asmx.cs-file each web-method should have the tag [WebMethod].

For more information, check the Developer page for SOAP web services.

Question: What is the difference in DocuWare of SOAP web services compared to REST web services?
Answer: Instead of formatting and coding the XML- or JSON-payload yourself of the web service, you can assign variables using dropdown lists for each parameter.
It’s not as flexible as REST, but easier to implement into the workflow as it displays fewer options to configure. For more information, check the Developer page for SOAP web services.

Question: Which variable types are allowed for SOAP web services?
Answer: Use supported variable types as parameter only: bool, int, string, DateTime and decimal.
For return, use one variable with supported types or a class with properties of supported types. Here, it can help to check the return of the method [WebMethod] CurrentDocuWareVersion() from our sample web service. For more information, check KBA-36451.

Question: How to publish a SOAP web service to IIS?
Answer: Check KBA-36232 and the Developer page for SOAP web services (search for web Service publication instructions).

Question: How to use authentication for my SOAP web service?
Answer: Check KBA-36262.

KBA is applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations. 

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