It can sometimes happen that Intelligent Indexing is not working correctly

Sometimes special network settings are causing that the Intelligent Indexing Service cannot be accessed. This is usually caused by virus scanners, proxy servers or firewalls. Please check if the following URLs are reachable on the DocuWare server:

Within the Americas region please check following URLs:

Be sure to check the connection under the user account which is assigned to the DocuWare Content Server service. At runtime the Content Server is establishing the connection to the Intelligent Indexing service.

Furthermore the DocuWare server address (http://<servername>/DocuWare/) and the URLs of the Intelligent Indexing services should be in the same Internet Explorer security zone. This means that if the DocuWare address was defined as "local intranet", both Intelligent Indexing URLs also have to be declared as that.

Again this needs to be done for the user account which is assigned to the DocuWare Content Server service on the DocuWare server!

In specific cases it is necessary to reset the so called private message queues. Please find instructions for this here:
DocuWare Services and Application Pools do not start after the service user has been changed

Should the steps above not lead to a solution, please open a new support case and attach all logs found in this directory: C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Logs\

Additionally we often need a log of the HTTP requests. You can create this for example with Fiddler. Please find instructions how to do this here:

How do I create a Fiddler log