There are two possible behaviors:

  1. Sending emails via the DocuWare Workflow Manager does not work at all, no email is sent to the selected user, even if the SMTP connection, which was created in the DocuWare Administration, is working fine.
  2. The emails are sent to the selected user, but from a wrong email address (not from the email address, which is configured in the SMTP connection in the DocuWare Administration).

Follow the matching solution to fix your behavior:

  1. Please check in the DocuWare Administration, DocuWare System - Server - Workflow Engine Server, if the SMTP connection is assigned to the DocuWare Workflow Engine server. If not, please assign the SMTP connection to the Workflow Engine server and restart it afterwards. It also might be necessary to restart the IIS, because the old "configuration" is still saved in cache.
  2. If the mails are sent from an wrong/old email address, you also have to restart the IIS and to clear the cache.