How to increase the number of CPU cores that OCR uses on a client machine for DocuWare Import, Scanner or Printer?
When you install DocuWare Desktop Apps on a client machine there is a settings file created specifying the parameters of OCR. Adjusting a certain value in this file will result in OCR utilizing up to a maximum of 4 cores on a client machine regardless of the size or amount of documents being processed by DocuWare Import, Scanner or Printer.
  • Navigate to where DocuWare Desktop Apps are installed on your client machine. The example below shows the location of the installed Desktop Apps on the C drive.
    • "C:\Program Files(x86)\DocuWare\Desktop"
    • Make a backup of the file named "DesktopOcr.settings", rename the backup file's extension to .bak
    • Edit the file in Notepad
    • Locate the value labeled "MaxCount"
    • Change this value from -1 to 4

  <ProcessPool OcrProcessCapacity="100"
MaxCount="4" MinCount="0" TimeoutForProcesses="600000"/>
  <Logging />

  • Restart the DocuWare Desktop Service and the Docuware Desktop Apps