The value of the parameter "AutoTempTableListSize" in DAL.dll.config files is too low when Oracle is used.

If one of the "DocuWare.DAL.dll.config" files in your system has been modified as a workaround before the release of this hotfix, make sure that the value of the AutoTempTableListSize parameter is reset to 200 before the Hotfix is installed. The "DocuWare.DAL.dll.config" files you can find in evey location which is mentioned in the Hotfix PDF.
Please note the following entry in the files: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!--<dataSettings LikeIgnoreCase="true" AutoTempTableListSize="200" LongCommandTimeout="600" UseAutoParameters="true"
Pooling="True" MaxPoolSize="-1" ConnectionTimeout="30" ConnectionLifetime="-1" CommandTimeout="120" MaxBulkInserts="500" AutoParamGuidConversion="None ToLowerCase ToUpperCase" TimeBetweenDeadlockRetries="50"  NumOfDeadLockRetries="5">-->
<dataSettings AutoTempTableListSize="200" LongCommandTimeout="1800" UsePerformanceCounters="true" UseAutoParameters="true">

Download Hotfix: