Since DocuWare 7, updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an update, you need to download the complete DocuWare setup files again.

Before installing the update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions!

Setup updated on: 2022-05-06 (PDF of included improvements can be found here)
Build version:

Download link:

Included improvements:


  • Desktop: Support for future versions of Edge and Chrome with enhanced security features


  • Forms: User information is visible in the source code of a public form


  • Setup: Passwords of database users, DocuWare users and service users that contain blanks are logged in plain text to setup log


  • Desktop: Prevent blocking of local Desktop communication with upcoming browser security enhancements if using Web Client with HTTP


  • Setup: Field conversion failure during Jellyfish to Lobster upgrade on Oracle


  • Web Client: When saving a document after setting a stamp while on a different page than the stamp, its vertical position will always be at the top of the page
  • Setup: Uninstall with Server Setup might cause unexpected reboot during update


  • Setup: Improve Setup to handle missing Workflow tables


  • Setup: DocuWare Setup always installs web components to default instead of the selected website.


  • Web Client: Opening a task list with an "Is (where clause)" condition for a keyword field causes the error message "Wrong condition: ..." to appear if the condition uses >, >=, < or <=


  • Autoindex: File cabinet event triggers using the fields "Last Access User" or "Last Access Date" do nnfigurations which write back systemot trigger Autoindex configurations correctly
  • Autoindex: Autoindex co fields to the external data source fail with the message "Can not find the source field '...' to get value for index transfer."
  • Windows Explorer Client: When trying to save a file to Windows Explorer Client which has a file path which contains more than 260 characters, the error message "Unspecified error" is displayed
  • Fulltext Server: Performing a fulltext reset with the option "Reindex not processed or failed documents" removed fulltext information for documents which have been processed successfully from the database


  • Connect to Outlook: Combination of mandatory and read only fields in Connect to Outlook results in warning message
  • Workflow Designer: Workflows are overwritten unintentionally under certain circumstances


  • Windows Explorer Client: Can't use "Save As" for storing a document when existing folder names contain slashes ( / ), colons ( : ) or backslashes ( \ )
  • Autoindex: Sort order is incorrect if configurations are sorted by last execution date
  • Autoindex: "Write Back" tab loads indefinitely if configuration writes system fields to external database
  • Web Client: Login with non-admin user may be very slow in large systems


  • Workflow Manager: Dash character in global workflow variable causes external data assignments to crash
  • Desktop Apps: Import with DWControl fails if dialog contains table field
  • Web Client: Default select list does not work when using Oracle
  • Web Client: EMPTY() does not return any search results when using Oracle


  • Web Client: Apostrophe ( ' ) in values for external Select List causes error: Drop Down 1: The value is not in the drop-down
  • Workflow Manager: Error "ORA-01722" in workflows when using decimals in connection with an Oracle database
  • Autoindex: Autoindex can no longer match on empty field from data source


  • Fulltext Search: Complete Fulltext reindex does not affect pre-DocuWare 7 documents
  • Smart Connect: Smart Search uses Client License even if connected to read-only Platform
  • Background Process Service: DocumentTool does not encrypt migrated documents in file cabinets with encryption enabled
  • Web Client: "Restricted file types" option only applies to Organization Administrators
  • Web Client: Documents are checked out even if user does not have permissions to do so when using index filter profiles


  • Configuration: Error "newLockTypes" when trying to access SMTP configuration after reloading
  • Autoindex: Autoindex job does not start when .csv file is too large


  • Autoindex: "File count has changed" does not work as trigger condition
  • Autoindex: A new index field is not recognized as match code
  • Forms: Configuration may show an "Unauthorized" error
  • Connect to Mail: Using the value "Names of attachment" for indexing does not work


  • Workflow Manager: Document workflow history timeouts for very large amount of history entries
  • Stamps: Brazilian time zone wrong when placing stamps
  • Connect to Mail: Configuration get disabled because file path exceeds length limitation for very long document names
  • Platform .NET API: Error: "405 Method not allowed" when updating document with table field using .NET API


  • Workflow Manager: Task area freezes after last filtered task has been confirmed
  • Platform .NET API: Major version is not increased automatically when using Platform .NET API
  • Web Client: Document relations for legacy documents is broken after update
  • Workflow Manager: Workflow parallel task is only assigned to one user though multiple users are selected
  • Autoindex: Instant Autoindex stopps working consecutively
  • Notification: Some PDFs sent by SMTP can be corrupted
  • Platform .NET API: Platform throws exception when you pass an empty string to a keyword field
  • Desktop Apps: OCR fails for documents printed out of CAD applications
  • Connect to Mail: Wrong error message "Could not find store dialog" is thrown when database is not available


  • Autoindex: Cancel button does not work
  • Connect to Mail: Email attachments are stored in wrong order
  • Autoindex: Instant Autoindex does not process all documents


  • Autoindex: Autoindex configuration not loading after Cloud update to DocuWare 7.1
  • Workflow Manager: Task list of Workflows does not refreshing
  • Workflow Designer: When publishing complex Workflows you will get this error: "The type initializer for '<Module>' threw an exception"
  • Web Client: Certain emails cannot be diplayed in Viewer
  • Web Client: Select lists are case sensitive with in DocuWare 7.1


  • Workflow: Workflow task can be confirmed with an empty table field that has been marked as required
  • Synchronization: Synchronization workflow does not trigger workflow tasks
  • Connect to Mail: Occasionally Connect to Mail configurations are disabled


  • Fulltext Search: Special character "em dash" is filtered in fulltext search
  • Local Data Connector: Local Data Connector runs into an error if global variables of a workflow contain blanks or special characters
  • Forms : Cannot assign a Forms signature field to more than one merge form field
  • File Cabinet: Predefined entries for database fields overwrite existing values on document access
  • Document Processing: New import configurations store documents with the wrong date
  • Mobile: Documents from PaperScan fail when going through a synchronization between organizations or file cabinets
  • Connect to Mail: Connect to Mail changes mail format from .eml to .eml.c.eml
  • Workflow: A web service shows the error message "Missing SOAP action" after an upgrade to DocuWare 7.1
  • Request: Request configurations that were created from result lists don't work anymore 
  • Autoindex: Autoindex configuration cannot use index fields that didn't exist when the Autoindex configuration was originally created


  • Mobile: Mobile Apps menu is missing from Web Client if there is no task list license
  • Desktop Apps: Open Web Client via the Desktop Apps causes an error in connection with Platform .NET tools
  • Workflow: Option "Select list only" converts table field to mandatory field in workflow task
  • Connect to Outlook: Connect to Outlook store dialog shows US date format when formatting is set to UK
  • Web Client: After update to DocuWare Version 7.1 "$-$" is added to the end of predefined values for search dialogs
  • Web Client: Users are able to store new entries even though right "Allow new entries" is not assigned
  • Forms: Cannot copy merge forms


  • Workflow: An error is shown when attempting to confirm several tasks that are opened in separate tabs from email notifications
  • Workflow: "Send to current users also" triggers duplicate email reminders if no recipient is found
  • Forms: Embedded link of a document in a form is changed after opening and document is not displayed
  • Synchronization: Large documents cannot be synchronized
  • User Management: "Read" standard profile gets automatically assigned to user who has "Edit" standard profile after updating to DocuWare Version 7.1 and upon change made to this user
  • Web Client: Select lists using "large" tables as external source loads extremely slow
  • Workflow Designer: Table field is removed from task activity in Workflow Designer after change is applied to this table field in Configuration
  • Workflow Designer: Function “Weekday” cannot be used with format "Date" in Workflow


  • Windows Explorer Client: Changes are not saved when the message "File XYZ stored in DocuWare" is not confirmed
  • Workflow Designer: A combo box hides text of a button in dialog Trigger of Workflow
  • Workflow: 'No permissions' exception if a user has no rights for a file cabinet used in a workflow and
    the tasklist contains file cabinet fields
  • Local Data Connector: A cast error occurs when using Local Data Connector with numeric fields
  • Forms: The assignments in the Indexing Tab are lost after an update to DocuWare version 7.1, if the field name contains special characters like Ø, Ñ,  Æ


  • Web Client: When an user tries to clip a document he will get an error message "The user XYZ has some field dependent right that restricts this operation for document with DocID XYZ.". This only happens if the user has an Index Value Profile assigned which contains the parameter CURRENTUSERLONGNAME().
  • Desktop Apps: Open DocuWare Web Client from Desktop App returns "Web Client Login integration is not allowed"
  • Autoindex: In Autoindex configuration the scrollbars for the preview of the selected data source are missing
  • Local Data Connector: Local Data Connector ignores changes in table structure of the accessed database
  • Forms: In DocuWare Forms options for additional background colors are missing
  • Fulltext Server: The file "installdwtomcat.cmd", which can be found in the installation directory of the Fulltext Server, still refers to tomcat8.exe instead of tomcat9.exe. Due to this, two commands which are used to adjust the Java memory parameters will always fail
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