Since DocuWare 7, Updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an Update you need to download the DocuWare setup files again.
The included improvements are described in the following article. This article is always updated on the last Friday of each month as part of a so-called PatchDay.

Before you install the Update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions!

Setup updated on: 2019-05-21
Download link:


Included improvements:


  • Windows Explorer Client: Changes are not saved when the message "File XYZ stored in DocuWare" is not confirmed
  • Workflow Designer: A combo box hides text of a button in dialog Trigger of Workflow
  • Workflow: 'No permissions' exception if a user has no rights for a file cabinet used in a workflow and
    the tasklist contains file cabinet fields
  • Local Data Connector: A cast error occurs when using Local Data Connector with numeric fields
  • Forms: The assignments in the Indexing Tab are lost after an update to DocuWare version 7.1, if the field name contains special characters like Ø, Ñ,  Æ


  • Web Client: When an user tries to clip a document he will get an error message "The user XYZ has some field dependent right that restricts this operation for document with DocID XYZ.". This only happens if the user has an Index Value Profile assigned which contains the parameter CURRENTUSERLONGNAME().
  • Desktop Apps: Open DocuWare Web Client from Desktop App returns "Web Client Login integration is not allowed"
  • Autoindex: In Autoindex configuration the scrollbars for the preview of the selected data source are missing
  • Local Data Connector: Local Data Connector ignores changes in table structure of the accessed database
  • Forms: In DocuWare Forms options for additional background colors are missing
  • Fulltext Server: The file "installdwtomcat.cmd", which can be found in the installation directory of the Fulltext Server, still refers to tomcat8.exe instead of tomcat9.exe. Due to this, two commands which are used to adjust the Java memory parameters will always fail