When attempting to use Synchronization from DocuWare Cloud to on-premise system, I receive the following error;

"Only enterprise installations can use encrypted file cabinets"

The check mark for "Encrypt documents" is on and grayed out in the File Cabinet configuration.

This error occurs when the XML for a file cabinet was created in the Cloud (where encryption is enabled by default) and exported to the on-premise system. You will need to alter the file cabinet XML and re-import the file cabinet via the "File Cabinets" plug-in in configurations. 

You can edit the XML by right clicking the XML, and opening with notepad.
1. Search for "<d2p1:Encryption>" in the XML. You will find the following values "
2. Change "OnlyDocument" to "None".
3. The next entry is "<d2p1:EncryptionSize>" this should be changed to "_0Bits".



4. Save the XML and re-import the File Cabinet.
5. Restart DocuWare Services.
6. Create a new Synchronization job pointing to the new file cabinet.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.