How can I store a document with Intellix data from the document tray to a file cabinet using the .NET SDK? 

To accomplish this, the following example can be used;


public DocumentsQueryResult StoreWithIntellix(List<int> documents, FileCabinet documentTrayFileCabinet fileCabinet) 


            var storeDialog = fileCabinet.GetDialogInfosFromStoresRelation().Dialog.Find(dlg => dlg.DisplayName == "[Intellix enabled Store Dialog]").GetDialogFromSelfRelation(); 


            var transferInfo = new FileCabinetTransferInfo() 


                SourceFileCabinetId = documentTray.Id, 

                KeepSource = false, 

                SourceDocId = documents, 

                FillIntellix = true


            return storeDialog.PostToTransferRelationForDocumentsQueryResult(transferInfo); 



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KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.