When attempting to connect to a DocuWare system, you receive the following error:



    "Message""A public action method 'Logon' was not found on controller 'DocuWare.Platform.Controllers.AccountController'.", 

    "Exception""HttpException: A public action method 'Logon' was not found on controller 'DocuWare.Platform.Controllers.AccountController'.", 



    "Status""Not Found", 




This error occurs when DocuWare is unable to find the Login resource. Please refer to the following solutions in regards to your DocuWare instance:

For Cloud Organizations
In this case, the URL which was provided was incomplete, or not including https://.

If the https:// is left out, then it'll use http://, which is not valid since Cloud systems only use https.

For On-premise Organizations
In this case, like with Cloud Organizations, you need to make sure that the URL is correctly written. 
If this system uses https://, then http:// shouldn't be used and vice versa. 

Once this change has been made to the URL, this should clear up the issue.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations