How can I enable the TotalCountLimit in my DocuWare On-premise system?


The total count within the DocuWare Web Client is unlimited; however, it is possible to enable a total count limit. Please follow the steps below to enable the totalCount limit;

1. In the dwmachine.config located in C:\%ProgramData%\DocuWare\ServerConfig, you must add the below string, then save the change.
(Note: Please take a backup of the dwmachine.config before modifying the file.)

2. From here, access the DocuWare.Content.settings file in C:\%ProgramData%\DocuWare\ServerConfig. If the file isn't present, you will have to create one and save it to this location. Please refer to the following content when recreating this file; it is recommended to copy and paste this information into a blank notepad and then save the file within the described location.

        <section name="ContentConfig" type="DocuWare.Content.Shared.Implementation.ContentConfig, DocuWare.Content.Shared.Implementation" />
                <section name="Unity" type="Microsoft.Practices.Unity.Configuration.UnityConfigurationSection, Unity.Configuration" />

    <ContentConfig LockExpirationCleanupPeriod="00:01:00" DocumentsForAutoIntellixCount="5"
        ImagingSingleOperationTimeout="00:00:45" LongRunnningImagingOperationTimeout="00:01:00">
        <SectionFileConfiguration ReleasePeriod="00:01:00" DeleteRetryCount="3" PollingInterval="00:00:30" />
        <FulltextConfiguration MaxHitsCount="1000" SearchFullTextOnly="false" SkipWildcardSearchFallback="false" 
        <CenteraConfiguration BufferSize="64" />
        <TableFieldsConfiguration DefaultColumnsLimit="50" DefaultRowsLimit="1000"/>
    <Unity xmlns="">
        <container name="FulltextProvider">
            <register type="DocuWare.Fulltext.IFullTextFactory, DocuWare.FulltextCommon" mapTo="DocuWare.Fulltext.Solr.DefaultFullTextFactory, DocuWare.SOLRFulltext"/>
            <!--<register type="DocuWare.Fulltext.IFullTextFactory, DocuWare.FulltextCommon" mapTo="DocuWare.Fulltext.Elastic.ElasticFulltextFactory, DocuWare.ElasticFulltext"/>-->

3. Afterward, please be sure to add the below highlighted XML attribute to the DocuWare.Content.settings file, then save the changes. 

4. Lastly, for these changes to be shown in the Web Client, you will need to stop all DocuWare services and perform an IISRESET.
Once IIS has been restarted, 
you will need to restart all DocuWare services, then test behavior by performing a search in the Web Client. 

KBA is applicable to On-premise Organizations ONLY.