• RE: Delete images from tray storage after deletion

    Next problem with Document Tray. You have a users with Document Tray in DocuWare. When You remove user from DocuWare then Document Tray don't remove with this user. This Document Tray then have only user administrator and still is in DocuWare.

  • RE: Content Server is not starting

    Please take a look at the event logs of the operating system
    Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application.

    Find the entry with the startup error and add it to this post or try resolved it by yourself.

    Best regards,
    Łukasz Łuczak
  • RE: Delete images from tray storage after deletion

    Good morning,
    I know this problem since DW version 7.1 that I have in the production environment. Behavior is non-deterministic, sometimes deletes files and sometimes not. An additional problem is when you delete the user's Document Trays tables from the database are removed but the directory on storage remains.
    I have a dedicated database for Document Trays and a dedicated storage for Document Trays.
    Yours sincerely,
    Łukasz Łuczak
  • Cześć Jacek

    Cześć Jacek

    A co ustawiłeś w opcjach kasowania w Deletion Workflows - only documents czy documents and index data?