• I finally was able to replace

    I finally was able to replace the document using another REST function.

    I have not been able to do so with a HTTP POST:


    Instead, I have had to use the Section URL:



  • REST API to replace document


    I am trying to replace a document using REST API but I have not been successful.

    These are the steps:

    1. Download an existing document of the FileCabinet.

    2. Make some changes to the downloaded file, i.e. sign it with a certificate.

    3. Upload the changed document and replace the original one.

    I use the POST call with the multipart/form-data option to do the third step but with no success.

    I hope someone can help.


  • Finally solved


    I have been able to solve this by using an empty structure.

        ConfirmedData data = new ConfirmedData();
        HttpEntity<ConfirmedData> entity = new HttpEntity<>(data, headers);
        ResponseEntity<String> resp = rest.postForEntity(
            url + "/Workflows/" + wf + "/Instances/" + instance + "/Tasks/" + task + "/Decisions/" + decision + "/Confirm",
            entity, String.class);

    Spring makes the JSON conversion process so I do not worry about the inner format.

    I hope this can help.



  • Same problem for me


    I am having the same problem. I have created some classes to recreate the structure but I do not know what information I must give.

    public class ConfirmedData {
      public ConfirmedField[] ConfirmedFields;

    public class ConfirmedField {
      WFFormFieldValue Value;

    public class WFFormFieldValue {
      public Object Item;
      public int ItemElementName;

    If I call the REST method without information I get the response: 500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR.

    I hope someone could help.