What can I do, if the WEC is not available under "Open" or "Save As.." in any MS-Office program? 
This problem only appears on a 64bit system. To solve this issue, the follwing steps have to be done:

  1. Open the installation path of the WEC (default path: C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Windows Explorer Client).
  2. Open CMD and execute the following command in the installation path:
    RegisterExtensionDotNet40_x86.exe DocuWare.WindowsExplorerClient.dll
  3. Now restart the explorer.exe with the command:  RestartExplorer.exe

After these steps you should be able to see the WEC in the filebrowser again.

What can i do, if the WEC can't be uninstalled?
In this case the WEC can be uninstalled manually via CMD with the following commands:
  1. Navigate to the path, where all the msi-packages are stored.
  2. Now execute the following commands:
    msiexec /x DocuWare.WindowsExplorerClient.Languages.msi
    msiexec /x DocuWare.WindowsExplorerClient.msi
    (if this is a 64bit system you need to add "64" at the end of WindowsExplorerClient)
  3. Restart explorer.exe (use the RestartExplorer.exe file in the installation path of the WEC) 
In case the WEC is still shown in the Windows Explorer you have to do these additional steps:
  1. Navigate to the installation path of the WEC (for example: cd C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Windows Explorer Client)
  2. Now execute the following commands:
    RegisterExtensionDotNet40.exe -u DocuWare.WindowsExplorerClient.dll
    (if you are using a 64bit mashine you also need to execute this command:
     RegisterExtensionDotNet40_x86.exe -u DocuWare.WindowsExplorerClient.dll)
  3. Restart explorer.exe (use the RestartExplorer.exe file in the installation path of the WEC) 
What can I do if I don't see any file cabinets in the WEC?
In this case you have to check the following things:
  1. Ceck if the check-box "Windows Explorer Client access allowed" are checked in the DocuWare Administraion - File Cabinet - General
  2. Check if there is a tree-view for the file cabinet ( DW-Administration - <Organisation Name> - File Cabinets - <wanted File Cabinet> - Dialogs - Result Views (right-click) - (Create Tree View)

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