How to enable debug logging for DocuWare Desktop?

Since DocuWare version 6.7 there is a tool to create the DocuWare Desktop logs, which is called "LogCollector".
You can find this tool in the installation folder of the DocuWare Desktop: "...\DocuWare\Desktop\LogCollector\".

Using the drop down menu you can select the LogLevel of the logfile (after you selected the LogLevel in the drop down menu the changes are automatically saved). Adjust from the drop down accordingly.
You also can activate the logs for the DocuWare Printer and DocuWare Printer PS if they are installed (this option is grayed out if the Printers are not installed).

Afterwards you just reproduce the behavior and use the "Create Zip File"-Button to create the Zip-File, which contains all the log files.
It's possible to use the option "Send ZIP file to the Customer Feedback Service", if this option is enabled, the Zip file will directly uploaded to the Customer Feedback Service of DocuWare. The DocuWare Support has access to the Customer Feedback Service and also to your log files.

If you won't use this option, you also can send the Zip File to the DocuWare Support via email or you can just upload it via the Support Portal.

To enable debug logging for DocuWare Desktop before DocuWare 6.7 follow the steps in FAQ #3319:
How to enable debug logging for DocuWare Desktop? (6-6.6)

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