How do I request help from DocuWare Fortis Support?


  1. Login to DocuWare Website (
    As a DocuWare Fortis Customer or Authorized Partner (ADP) please login with your existing login details on this Website (
    If you do not have a login credentials:
    Please register with your email address and DocuWare Fortis Serial (System) Number using the hyperlink in that page or use this URL address
    If you have lost your password:
    Please use the "Forgot your password?” hyperlink or use this URL address
  2. Search for known issues and solutions
    To find possible answers for your request, please click on "Find a Solution"
    Now you will enter a search criterion in the “Search for Solutions” box. 
    If you have not found matching results to your case then you start reporting a new support request by clicking on the life preserver icon or hyperlink.
    "Not solution found? Report a new Support Request here!
  3. Report a new Support Request in just 3 steps
    1. First, please fill out all empty fields with proper information. All fields marked with a * (asterisk) are mandatory fields.
      Please enter the environment where the DocuWare Fortis system is running, the version of Fortis/Fortis Blue and the products affected. This type of information is basic but it will help us determine if there are any existing fixes or known issues with version of Fortis/Fortis Blue that environment.
    2. Second, please describe your request in detail and choose a priority. If the area turns to an orange colored background then that area has missing information.
      Title of your request: Make sure that you enter more than 20 characters

      NOTES:  (above screenshot):
      Description: This also needs to be more than 20 characters and the more detail information the better for the technical personnel.
      Priority and reason: Select levels under Urgency and Business Impact and Count affected Users (you must select these three options). Then you have to enter the reason for priority (more than 20 characters).
      Preferred way for contact via: Select email or phone
      Check entries (next)>: You may have to click once to check the entries and the one more time to move to the next window. If some items or selections in the window are missing then it will not go to the next window.
    3. Finally, you need to enter the process description for some products and test data (optional).
      However, it is strongly recommended in critical cases to submit this information because it will help our technicians in narrowing down the issue.
      After you have finished creating a support-request you will be re-directed to the Support Cockpit where you can view all new requests or old existing requests.
      A new support request will be stored directly in our support system and will be assigned to a support team automatically. After a manually categorization of the team coordinator your will receive a direct first response by email or a support representative will get in contact with your as soon as possible.