Sometimes it can happen that the installation of Connect to Ricoh fails.

First off, please test, if the following URL (edit the server name first) is working in your browser and ensure that it is trying to download the file '34094850.txt':

If it is reachable, a workaround to install the module directly on the MFP is available:
Please download the file '34094850.txt' and change its file extension to ".zip".

Now open it and edit the file in it with the name "RicohConnector.dalp" as following:

  1. Edit\RicohConnector.dalp and replace the tags (ex. **DOCUWAREURL**) with the appropriate values:
    1. **DOCUWAREURL** = protocol and server name of the DocuWare server (ex. http://dwserver)
    2. **ADMINORGANIZATION** = DocuWare organization name (ex. Peters Engineering)
    3. **ADMINUSERNAME** = DocuWare user used to get Connect to Ricoh profiles (ex. admin)
    4. **ADMINPASSWORD** = Password for user (ex. admin)
    5. **PLATFORM** = /DocuWare/Platform
    6. **SETTINGSSERVICE** = /DocuWare/Settings/SettingsService.svc

<!-- Arg 0 is DocuWare URL (MUST INCLUDE HTTP:// or HTTPS://) -->
<!-- Arg 1 is DocuWare Admin Organization -->
<argument>Peters Engineering</argument>
<!-- Arg 2 and Arg 3 are DocuWare Admin Username and Password -->   <argument>admin</argument>
<!-- Arg 4 Platform without server (/DocuWare/Platform) -->
<!-- Arg 5 Settings Service without server (/DocuWare/Settings/SettingsService.svc) --> <argument>/DocuWare/Settings/SettingsService.svc</argument>


  1. Open the MFP’s Web Image Monitor in a browser by going to “http://[ip address of mfp].
  2. Login with the link on the top right (the default is usually user = “admin” with no password).
  3. Go to Device Management > Configuration.
  4. Click on Install under Extended Feature Settings.
  5. Select “Local file”, browse to the that was edited in step 1, and click on “Display Extended Feature List”.
  6. Choose to Install to “Device HDD”, select Auto Start to On, click the radio button next to Connect to Ricoh, and click the Install button.
  7. Click OK to confirm the install.
In case the above does not work, please create a Debug Log with the help of this article:
How to create a debug log for a MFP device?