What exactly changed in DocuWare 6.10 regarding Connect to Mail?

There were significant changes in the technology, used in the background of Connect to Mail.

  • No standalone service anymore, it is hosted within the Background Process Service now.
  • Enhanced parallel processing of email accounts.
  • Improved debugging, by having dedicated logs for each email account.
  • Default interval of retrieving mails is now 120 seconds (5min before)
  • While upgrading a DocuWare system with the Connect to Mail Server installed, the service will be replaced by the Background Process Service. Due to the fact, that this service requires a locally installed Settings Service, this will be installed, too. Therefore the IIS is required to be installed on that system.
  • Configuration files
    • C2Mail.config (in the installation directory of the Business Process Service)
    • %ProgramData%\DocuWare\LoggingConfig\C2Mail.NLog.config (logging configuration)

*Note: Due to switching the implementation, the entries from the C2Mail.settings will not be available after upgrading DocuWare. Therefore it might be necessary to adapt the C2Mail.config file after upgrading.