How can you prevent Connect to Outlook's store dialog from affecting other applications? 

Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\CONNECT to Outlook\PlatformUI.dll.settings" in an text editor and search for these lines:

<RestartMode accepted_values="Persistent, StopOnly, StopAndRestart">

You can change the value like this:

  • Persistent - The process stays alive, which leads to faster consecutive open times, but rarley affects other processes like "MSHTA.exe". This is the default setting.
  • StopAndRestart - Stops the process after each store to clean up and starts it again right after, so that the next call to the store dialog will be faster. Recommended if you have trouble with other applications while storing documents (for example from Connect to Outlook or a .NET Application).
  • StopOnly - Stops the process after each store to clean up.