When trying to create a database connection for Notification's the option is missing.


We can manually adjust the use for “Email notification” on the database side.


1. Create a new DB connection in the Admin Tool and name it “DWnotification”. For now, select any one of the available “used for” options when creating the connection.


2. In the database section you can enter dwnotification as the Database, then enter the username and password for your database. Select Finish.

3. Once completed open you DB and run the following query.

WARNING: Make sure you have a complete DB backup before making any changes you your database.



 use dwsystem
       update DWSystemSettings
       set settings = replace (cast (settings as nvarchar(max)),'usedForNotifications="false"','usedForNotifications="true"')
       where type like '%databaseconnection%'
       and cast (settings as nvarchar(max)) like '%<name>DWnotification</name>%'



use Dwsystem;
     update dwsystemsettings
     set settings = replace(settings,'usedForNotifications="fasle"','usedForNotifications="true"')
     where type like '%databaseconnection%'
     and settings like '%<name>DWnotification</name>%'

4.   Your DB connection “Dwnotification” has now had “email notification’s” enabled.

5.   After completing the above steps, you may now proceed with your upgrade.


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