A Restore Workflow needs to be run to restore documents from an older version of DocuWare (6.12 or below) to Version 7 or higher.

Documents from DocuWare 6.12 and below are converted into "_V5" tables in the database during an upgrade to 7.
DocuWare 7 does not have these tables by default, as they are not needed unless an upgrade has occurred from 6.12 or below. They will need to be created to resolve the "Table '' does not exist!" error.


 ***Before continuing, please make a backup of your DocuWare databases or verify that a current backup is valid.***

  1. Open your database management program (MySQL Query Browser, SQL Management Studio) and open the DWFileCabinet table in the DWSystem database.
  2. Find the file cabinet you would like to restore to, in this case the default "Documents" file cabinet is used.

  3. Open the settings XML column for that file cabinet.

  4. Add the following to the XML,  adjusting the table names accordingly, right after "<DBGeneral isReadOnly="false" />" and before "<TablesV7>".

    <Table type="MainTable">SAMPLEEN_V5</Table>
    <Table type="SystemTable">DWSYS</Table>
    <Table type="VersionTable">SAMPLEEN_V5V</Table>
    <Table type="SectionTable">SAMPLEEN_V5S</Table>
    <Table type="PageTable">SAMPLEEN_V5P</Table>

  5. Copy the whole XML and execute a query, which will replace the entire XML contents, the WHERE clause should correspond with the file cabinet name:

  6. Next go to the File Cabinet configurations page, open "More Options":

  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on "Create file cabinet tables".

    A pop-up window will appear in the top right hand corner of the web client stating "Your tables are ready to use"

    This will create the tables we added in DWSystem to the DWData database.

  8. You may now return to the Restore Workflow, start it again, the restore will run successfully.