You would like to create a notification for your users when a new document is placed in a Tasklist.


Please follow the steps detailed in this article to create and design notifications for DocuWare users:

  1. Log into the web client, then select the drop down next to your name and choose the "Configurations" option.

  2. On the configurations page, please select the "Notifications" plugin.

  3. Select the "New notification" button to begin creating your configuration.

  4. On the "Events" tab, select the file cabinet under which the list was created and define the rule to match your list.

    (​​In our example, the file cabinet which the list was created under is "Document Pool" and the list is configured to display documents where the company name equals DocuWare.)

  5. On the "Message" tab, you will design your notification message.

  6. This is where you can link your list directly to the notification. Select the drop down located next to "Add a link to a list", select the desired list and choose the "+" button bellow to add a hyperlink to the email.

    If you desire to customize the link of the list instead of the default value of "TASKLIST",  you can type a title before selecting the "+" symbol.

  7.  The "Subscription" tab allows you to select the users who has the availability to subscribe.

  8. The "Permissions" tab allows you to choose the user who can modify the this notification.

    Once all your changes are made, save the configuration and the notification will automatically become active.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.