How can I create a custom Barcode OCR?

Custom Barcode OCRs can be configured via configurations.


  1. Access your configurations page

  2. Click on the "Text and Barcode Recognition" plugin

  3. Click on the "Barcode" tab on top, and then "New Barcode Configuration"

  4. In your configuration, you can specify the Name and Type of Barcode to be used for recognition. You can also optimize the barcode recognition process for either:
    -High Accuracy: Recognizes barcodes with a higher precision rate, but the process will take longer.
    -High Speed: Recognizes barcodes fastest, but the results will be less accurate.

    Clicking on the "More Options" drop down will allow for Advanced property settings to be placed.
  5. To use the configuration in your Document Processing job, select the "More options" button in your job, check off "Use custom barcode configuration" and select the configuration from the drop down. Don't forget to Save your changes.

    Your Document Processing job will now use the specified Barcode Recognition settings.