How do you configure a dummy scan device ?

If you wish to test or introduce the functionality of DocuWare Desktop WebScan, you can create one or more dummy scan devices.

   1. Create a directory on the file system. Example: C:\Scanner\

   2. Open the created directory and create one or more folders - these folders are used for the dummy scan device. These folder name will also get used as the display name of the scan device in the DW Desktop application.
(Example path: C:\Scanner\TestScan\)

   3.Switch into the TestScan directory and paste example documents (Note: The file type must be .BMP extension) which will get "scanned" afterwards.

   4.Open the following file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Desktop\Plugins\Scanner\Desktop.CaptureService.Host.exe.config"

   5. Define the path for the <add key="DummySource" value="C:\Scanner" /> and save the file.
(Note: Please enter the value according to what you named your directory. In our example the directory was named C:\Scanner)

   6. Restart the DocuWare Desktop application.

The dummy scan device should be displayed now respectively you can create the device like a physical scanner over the settings in the application.

If you click on "Scan" now, the previous copied BMP files will get "scanned" and you'll see them as a thumbnail in the application for further processing.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.