What is required to run Intelligent Indexing V2 service on an On-Premise system?

The following conditions must be met in order to run and install Intelligent Indexing V2 service for On-Premise Organizations;

System Requirements:
The following minimum requirements must be met for installation:

  • Windows Server 2019 (Standard or Datacenter Edition)
  • 2 processor cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Optional: Access to SQL Server 2019

To achieve the best possible performance, we recommend to install Intelligent Indexing on a separate server or virtual machine. Please refer to the following article for supported platforms that are compatible with an Intelligent Indexing V2 installation can be found here.

In order to keep the footprint of the installation minimal, using Windows Server Core (which is an installation without a graphical UI) is recommended. If you install Intelligent Indexing on a machine together with other services, please ensure that no other application is using port 8080.

DocuWare Versions:
Intelligent Indexing can be used in combination with all supported DocuWare Versions.

If you use SQL Server 2019 for your DocuWare system or for an existing Intelligent Indexing installation, you may also use it for Intelligent Indexing V2. Otherwise, you must set up a separate SQL server.

The installation requires administrator rights and an internet connection. All commands in the instructions must be entered in the PowerShell. PowerShell 5 or 7 can be used.

The installation can be downloaded here.

The installation of an Intelligent Indexing On Premise-System is not part of the standard support package. If you need assistance, please contact your DocuWare Partner or our Professional Services Team ( or For installations on systems which do not fulfill our software requirements, Support would be unable to assist.

KBA is applicable to On-premise Organizations ONLY.

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