How can I configure the DocuWare server to run the Read-only client in DocuWare version 7.1 or higher?


Complete the following to run server as Read-only; 
1. Take a backup of the Platform web.config file located in C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Web\Platform\Web.config. Open the web.config file and preform a search using Ctrl +F  for the phrase "ReadOnly". Once the line depicted below has been located, change the value to "True" to enable "ReadOnlyMode" 

(Note: If you have more than one server, and would like to implement "ReadOnlyMode" on all servers, this same exact change must be made in each server for it to take effect on all servers)

2. Afterwards, perform an IIS reset, and restart all DocuWare services in order for the change to take effect. If unsure how to preform an iisreset, please refer to KBA-34532.

3. Once step 2 is completed, test the behavior by proceeding to login to the web client with the usual DocuWare URL and you will be automatically redirected to the Read-only client going forward.
(Note: When opening the web client, "PlatformRO" will not be displayed in the URL since you are enforcing a Read-only Platform. Nonetheless, as displayed in the below screenshot you can see users do not have access to Trays, only the search function.)
KBA is applicable for On-Premise Organizations ONLY.