What is the DocuWare Request Export size limit?
DocuWare Request size limit is dependent on what DocuWare instance your organization is operating in;
DocuWare On-Premise:
There is no size limitation on Request containers when executing a DocuWare Request Export. Although Request Exports are limitless, it is recommended to separate large export jobs into smaller, more manageable jobs to avoid any errors from occurring. Also, note that a large Request Export job can affect your DocuWare system's performance.
DocuWare Cloud:
There is a Request container limit when executing a Request Export in DocuWare Cloud. By product design, this size limitation cannot be increased or altered.
These Request containers are limited to 10 GB in size OR 50,000 documents, depending on which one of the two limits will be reached first.
KBA is applicable to both Cloud and On-Premise Organizations.
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