What are the most common behaviors regarding DocuWare Request ?


  1. Why is it not possible to run DocuWare Request from a network folder?
    This is by design. DocuWare Request can only be started from a local folder.
  2. DocuWare Request was not created correctly - Where can I search for errors?
    DEBUG log of Workflow Server provides helpful information. This log can be activated in DocuWare Administration >Local>system debug logging.
  3. Which temporary folders are used by DocuWare Request?
    To collect all data which have to be contained in DocuWare Request the temp folder of Workflow Server is used. This folder can be configured in DocuWare Administration at settings of Workflow Server. Since version 6.12 this temp path is defined in dwmachine.config.file. After collecting all files the ZIP file is created in the temp folder of the Workflow Server. When this was successful the ZIP file is moved to defined Request Storage Location.
  4. Which database is used by DWREQUEST?
    DWREQUEST is using a SQLite database. In the data folder of DocuWare Request you can find the file data.sqlite. You can open this file with a freeware SQLite viewer to check the content.
  5. Which file formats can be displayed by DWREQUEST?
    DocuWare Request is not providing an own viewer. When displaying documents, we use the appropriate system tool to display the file type. Only exception is PDF. If there should not be any local installed PDF viewer available, Sumatra PDF is started which is automatically provided by DocuWare Request.
  6. Can select lists be used?
    Select lists are not available.
  7. Can the created DocuWare Request be imported into a DocuWare system?
    This function is available since DocuWare version 6.7. Please keep in mind that only Request archives with documents in original format can be imported. If you have chosen the option "Convert to PDF" when creating the DocuWare Request, importing is not possible. Importing is also only supported if the DocuWare Request was created with same DocuWare version where you want to import.
  8. What is there to know about fulltext search in DocuWare Request?
    This function is only available for documents which have been full-text indexed with DocuWare version 6 or later. Starting with DocuWare version 6.5, all older documents were reindexed automatically.
  9. Why can't DocuWare Request be started from a CD/DVD?
    This is most likely caused by the burning software which is not processing all (hidden) files correctly. Please try to burn the CD with Windows functionality only.