The storage usage within the Product Overview plugin does not match the amount of storage calculated from the total size of our File Cabinets and Document Trays.
By product design, The storage usage is calculated in megabytes (binary) instead of megabytes (decimal). Attempting to calculate the total size of your File Cabinets and Document Trays in megabytes (decimal) will result in an incorrect value. Please refer to the following example to better understand how DocuWare Cloud calculates your system's storage usage:
The Product Overview plugin states that 204.21 MB is being used.

If we follow KBA-36746 and add all the File Cabinet and Document Tray sizes, there is a total of 214126017 bytes.

If the total size (214126017 bytes) is converted to megabytes (decimal), we will calculate a total of 214.13 MB, which differs from the 204.21 MB stated in Product Overview. However, if the total size is converted to megabytes (binary), we will calculate the correct value of 204.21 MB.
KBA is applicable to DocuWare Cloud Organizations ONLY.